Special exhibition at BFI Southbank to celebrate Mother's Day and Transgender Day of Visibility

The two special days are happening this Sunday (Marhc 31)


Mother’s Day falls this Sunday (March 31) and this year, it will be more important for mothers and trans children as it falls on Transgender Day of Visibility.

As part of BFI Flare: London LGBTQ Film Festival 2019, a special exhibition of photographs showing mothers with their trans children is currently on show at BFI Southbank.

Ten portraits, captured by the lens of leading fashion, style and arts photographer Amanda Searle have caught the eye and imagination of hundreds of visitors and there is still a chance to view them.

Nathalie McDermott, co-founder of All About Trans and Chief Executive of On Road, the charity behind the project says: “Our experience of introducing trans people to journalists has been overwhelmingly positive, with a real enthusiasm and commitment from most journalists to learn more about this community and tell their stories.

“We were delighted to work with Amanda to mark TDOV and Mother’s Day in such a positive and creative way to share the experiences of these wonderful mothers and their trans children.”

Amanda Searle continues: “Working with these amazing mums and kids has been a whirlwind.

“It was my challenge to capture a moment that said something about the relationship between each of them and tell a little of their story.

“It was a privilege to have been allowed into their lives. It has been a joy and on a personal level I have learned so much.”

Check out some of the photographs from the special exhibition below:

Kim and Kye

"Being a parent of a trans child is hard enough without the media wading in all the time with their criticisms.

"We just want to live an ordinary life with our kids who KNOW who they are to their core because they have had to live with who the AREN’T for such a long time."

Lisa and Alex

"We’ve been so well supported, that I feel we have a duty to stand as role models, not only for our beautiful kids, but for parents too."

Kelly and Billy

"On a personal note, I wanted to take part in order to be part of something positive with Billy - he has been feeling increasingly distressed as his puberty has begun and I wanted to give him an experience to help him acknowledge accept himself and to show him, he is not alone."

Oonagh and Izzy

"Our lives and our relationship as mother and daughter have not massively changed since Izzy socially transitioned.

"The main learning curve has been navigating the prejudice and assumptions that are in the media."

Gemma and Leo

"To me, he and kids like him are heroes - like suffragettes, or the first gay campaign-ers.

"They are blazing a trail so that in 50 years I *hope* everyone will have a much better understanding of these issues and be more supportive."

Catrina and Sam

"We are adults and we all need to stand together as parents, family and friends we live in a world with so much diversity, what is so wrong with being transgender.

"Always love your child and let them express themselves and to always be happy."

Emma and Emily

"Projects like this enable my daughter to continue to be able to be who she truly is, which is something all parents and children take for granted.

"I truly hope that one day we will be able to feel the same."

Molly and Ned

"We loved being part of a project that was a pure and simple celebration of mums and their kids, who happen to be trans.

"It’s not a political campaign fraught with argument and point scoring, it’s just 10 straight up lovely pictures."

Jan and Jess 

"Trans kids and adults are suffering such hatred out there but I think, on the whole, it's from a relative minority of transphobic bigots.

"The wide majority of people out there, who are just living their lives with no real issue with trans need to see and hear these positive stories, articles and most importantly, facts. 

"Our kids deserve the chance to live just a normal life, like anyone else and it's projects like this that will help educate and inform and allow that to happen."

Penni and Ashlyn