Son of bouncer accused of homophobia defends his father and reveals he is gay

Fabbio Amoroso defended his father on a Facebook post


The son of the bouncer accused of discriminating against a gay couple has defended his father.

Giuseppe Pitirollo and Daniele Bausilio claimed they weren’t allowed to enter a beach party because they weren’t in a heterosexual couple after the bouncer, Michele, saying a couple “is only made of a woman and a man”.

However, Michele’s son, Fabbio Amoroso, 26, has jumped to his father’s defence after revealing he is gay and married his husband Jacob last year.

Fabbio told Gay Star News: “When I read the news, I was just shocked. My father has been working there for years and he was most likely the person at the door when the couple showed up.

“I knew immediately this couldn’t be true. Why? Because I’m gay and my father loves me and my husband in the same way.”

Michele allegedly called his son to explain that the reason for turning away the couple was because they were “drunk”.

However, the couple have insisted they weren’t drunk and even requested to take an alcohol test.

Fabbio – who came out to his father when he was in school – said his father’s reaction was “ultimately positive”.

“Coming from a small town in southern Italy, my dad probably wouldn’t expect it,” Fabbio added.

“However, his reaction was ultimately positive.

“I have never felt as if he loved me any less because of my sexual orientation.”

Fabbio met Jacob three years ago and tied the knot in North Carolina and in a Facebook post, he defended his father’s actions and included two pictures which featured Michele helping him get ready for his wedding.

Although he insists he would never have been his father, Fabbio admitted he understands how in Italy – where gay marriage still is illegal – homophobia can still happen.

He said: “I know how many homophobic episodes happen in Italy on a daily basis, but this just isn’t one of them.”