Sinitta was dropped from 'Celebrity Big Brother' for this insane list of demands

If you were hoping to see Sinitta strutting around the Big Brother house this summer, we've got some bad news for you. That's right, Sinitta has been dropped as a potential contestant after her list of demands, which is nothing short of iconic, was deemed 'ridiculous' by the show's producers. The singer, who has been linked to the show for years, appeared on Lorraine this morning with her dog Scarlett O'Hara (you read that correctly) to set the record straight about her negotiations for the show. The list, which Sinitta herself described as "nice" and "reasonable", included a 24-hour security guard, visits from Scarlett O'Hara (the pair are "very attached"), a house-wide swearing ban, and tequila. "If other people were having drinks then I would like tequila as my drink," she told Lorraine matter-of-factly. "They said that my demands were ridiculous. I think they were reasonable." She then threw a little dig at Lorraine's way, saying "can you imagine what your rider would've been like?" Good old Lorraine said all she'd ask for was some Irn Bru and a roll and sausage, which we can totally get on board with. Still, Sinitta has high hopes that she'll eventually get her way and appear on the show. "I think they'll come around to my way of thinking," she said. She's keeping herself busy in the meantime with a role as a "black Russian spy" in an upcoming movie. We need tickets immediately. Watch the whole interview below: Celebrity Big Brother returns to Channel 5 early next month. More stories: ‘West End Bares’ is back – with lots of nudity and a ‘Wizard of Oz’ theme ‘American Horror Story’ is going ‘Girls’ as Lena Dunham joins season 7 cast