Shane Filan on Irish equal marriage: 'I will be voting for it'

ShaneFilan_AboutYou_photoby_IdilSukan_DrawHQ_02Shane Filan has spoken about Ireland's equal marriage referendum, which will take place in 2015. The Knee Deep In My Heart singer told Attitude that he fully supports the legalisation of gay marriage in Ireland. Asked if he thinks there is support for equal marriage, Shane said: "Everyone should have the chance to get married. It’s one of those sad things that we live in times where people still disagree with it or governments try to not let it happen. "I will be voting for it. I think it’s very important. The world is changing, and people’s views need to be more relaxed and more educated. Some people never will change, and that’s sad for them." He also revealed that former bandmate Mark Feehily was "quite proud" of Westlife's gay following, particularly after he came out in 2005. "We always knew we had a gay following – and after Mark came out, we saw a lot more guys at our shows. We used to play at G-A-Y every year, and that used to be such fun – the place used to go crazy. "I think as time went on we did have a big gay following, which was especially great for Mark. I think he was quite proud of it," Shane said. > Read Shane Filan's full interview with Attitude here. Watch the music video for Shane Filan's new single Knee Deep In My Heart below: [youtube height="315" width="560"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZT_1gP8SVM[/youtube]