Shakira's Top Ten singles ranked in order of greatness

The Colombian pop icon has countless bangers to her name


It's Shakira's birthday, so we thought now was the perfect time to take a look back at her iconic back catalogue. 

The flexible pop legend has been around for decades and released countless timeless classics, but which ones are her best? 

We've rounded up her top ten singles below, and we've ranked them in order of greatness - tell us if you agree or not on social media: 

She Wolf

Perhaps a surprise contender for the #1 spot, this just edges out the star's other classics purely for the fact she managed to squeeze "lycanthropy" into a pop song.

The "feeling abused like a coffee machine in an office" also remains one of her finest and most ridiculous lyrical moments to date. 

Whenever, Wherever

A certified pop classic without question, Whenever Wherever catapulted Shakira to international stardom and convinientlyreminded everyone that you shouldn't confuse her breasts with mountains. 


The fact this wasn't a hit in the UK just proves that we have zero taste.

A smash hit in Europe and South America, Chantaje's video now stands as one of the most viewed clips on YouTube of all time. It puts Despacito to shame, and features what we can only describe as one of the most stunning men to ever walk the earth: Spanish pop sensation Maluma. 


A criminally underrated single, Empire failed to achieve the success on the charts it so rightfully deserved. We're still left wigless everytime the bridge explodes into the earth-shatteringly euphoric chorus. She really did THAT. 

Did It Again

What did she do? That. Again. 

Waka Waka 

World Cup songs are meant to be terrible, it's almost a given. But Shakira changed that when she released this utterly undeniable banger that did the impossible and made us suddenly love football. Queen of sports. 

La Tortura

We adore her singing in English, but when she's belting out bangers in her mother tongue we fall even more in love with her.

In the song, Shakira tells the story of a woman who has been emotionally"tortured because her boyfriend cheated and eventually left her for another, only for him to come crawling back for forgiveness. 

Beautiful Liar

Name a more iconic duo. 

Hips Don't Lie 

A staple at every straight club and wedding in the UK for the past decade, Hips Don't Lie remains arguably the singer's defining hit. 

Don't Bother

No one does a break-up anthem quite like Shakira, and here she rants about her man leaving her for a woman that's "fat free," "speaks perfect french" and "over six-feet tall". She wants him back so badly that she admits she'd give everything up to move to a communist country with him.

A stan.