Sex and the City creator reveals the 'horrifying' sex scene HBO refused to air

It's not to late to turn back and not read this, FYI.


From golden showers to naked sushi-eating, Sex and the City has explored more than its fair share of sexual practises over the course of its six TV seasons and two big screen outings - but it turns out that the writers once dreamt up a storyline so shocking that HBO was forced to cut it from the final broadcast.

In an interview with Vanity Fair to mark the show's 20th anniversary this month, the show's creator Darren Star revealed that the network refused to air a scene from series one episode 'The Monogamists'.

The episode saw from 1998 Charlotte (Kristen Davis) date a man named Michael, who repeatedly demanded oral sex, and, well, we'll let Darren take it from here...

"It was really the end of the story line," Darren explained. "He basically was always pushing her head down to give him oral sex. And he had this golden retriever who was always around.

"In the final scene, she basically let him have it about being offended by his insistence on just wanting a blow job. She accused him of only liking her for that and kind of stormed out. And then she walked back in and saw that his golden retriever was going down on him."

And to think people thought Sex and the City 2 was problematic.

The show's producer and writer Amy B. Harris added: "It’s sort of horrifying that we shot that.

"We shot him putting peanut butter on his penis, and Charlotte walks back in like, 'Oh, I’m being unreasonable,' and then she sees that... I can’t believe we even thought about doing it."

Amy, we'll be honest hun, neither can we. Suffice to say, this is one thing we won't be needing from Sex and the City 3...