Seven steps to looking younger for free

Former Blue Peter presenter and anti-ageing expert Stuart Miles shares his advice.


That panic when we spot the first line or those first few grey hairs-let’s just call it a national day of mourning.

No longer a ‘Twink’ or a ‘Cub’, although we’ve been probably kidding ourselves on that one for a while.

We all rush for that miracle pot of cream or something more extreme for a short-term fix, terrified of waking up one morning looking like Grotbags!

But short-term fixes are expensive and you keep having to pay for them again and again. Why not take a more long term approach to your ageing and simply try and slow down the process.  No need to mourn the past but manage the future. All it takes is a bit of planning!

Firstly, we need to have an open and honest conversation with ourselves.

Step 1: Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Find a photo of yourself from 10 years ago or whenever you feel you looked your best. Then, a recent photo from today. Draw up a list of strengths and weaknesses about how you appear in each photo.

Take the strengths and compare them. Which of those are missing from the current photo, these need work. E.g. good arms, great eyes. These are the key areas to focus your efforts as they are achievable goals.

Do the same for your weaknesses, it’s all about playing up your strengths and hiding your weaknesses.

Step 2: Be ruthless with your wardrobe


It’s so easy to hang on to items that make us look younger, but your body shape will have changed. Be honest does it flatter you? Does it hide your weaknesses and enhance your strengths?

Don’t just wear a tight t-shirt for the sake of it. Distraction after all, is a great policy. If the outfit does nothing for you but you feel young in it, be strong and bin it!

Looking fabulous and receiving compliments is what will make you feel younger and not some emotional attachment to an outfit from the past. It’s tough love I’m afraid, but it works.

Here’s a list of effective and free things you can do to help you to stay looking younger:

Step 3: Use a sunscreen on your face every day

Even whilst driving. UVA rays, the major cause of skin damage, can even penetrate the car windscreen!

Step 4: Cut down on your sugar intake

Apart from the sun this is the second biggest factor in causing wrinkles. High blood sugar will destroy the collagen and elastin in your skin over time so try and cut down.

Step 5: Get your diet right

Start your day with an anti-ageing power breakfast of oats, almonds, pumpkin seeds and blueberries with some live natural yoghurt. All of these ingredients have proven anti-ageing benefits.

By powering up your morning like this you will give your body the best chance of fighting those damaging free radicals, all day long.

Step 6: Cut down on your caffeine intake


This will have two effects, firstly you will sleep better and awake looking more rejuvenated. You will also stay calmer and become less stressed.

The stress hormone Cortisol has a major impact on how we age by increasing blood sugar and causing damage to our collagen. With less caffeine you will stay calmer, less stressed and sleep better and consequently have less need for it the next day.

One single shot of coffee in the morning and one green tea (if you like it) in the afternoon a day is recommended.

5) Try the 2/5 alcohol rule

Only drink 2 nights in every 7. You choose which nights. This will keep you slim and your face looking healthier and less puffy - if you can stick to it!

 Stuart Miles is the founder of and the UK's leading anti-ageing expert. Follow him on Twitter @Stuart_Miles.