Scottish Secretary David Mundell comes out as gay

Scottish Secretary David Mundell has come out publicly as a gay man. The Conservative MP and father of three - who now becomes the openly gay member in David Cameron’s Cabinet - said coming out had been “one of the most important decisions” of his life in a message published to his website. david mundell “Everybody who gets to this point, has had their own journey,” he said. “I have certainly been on mine - conflicting emotions, of doubts and fears, but ultimately positive and uplifting, with an unstoppable direction of travel. “Over time, I came to understand that, for me, the only way to be truly happy on a personal level is to acknowledge in public as well as in private, who I am.” Mundell added he admired the “many people, young and old”, who had chosen to come out each day, despite a high level of uncertainty sometimes existing around how people would reach. “I have been very fortunate and couldn’t have had more love and support from my family and friends,” he said. The 53-year-old said he hoped that his brave decision would not impact upon his work as the Member for Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale. “Other than the intensely personal and positive difference it makes to me, and the way I can live my life, my hope is that my coming out doesn’t change anything else about how I go about my work or how people treat me,” he said. “Gender and sexuality should make no difference whether you are a Cabinet Minister or in any other walk of life and I hope that I can, in my own way, reinforce that message.” Across social media, Mundell has received waves of support from both sides of politics. He said he has been “overwhelmed and humbled by the support across the political divide”. Culture Minister Ed Vaizey tweeted Mundell’s revelations was a "lovely statement" from a "wonderful man". After offering his congratulations, Labour MP Wes Streeting said it was “still not as easy as it should be, but a lot easier than it once was”. SNP First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said “good on you” before extending her “best wishes”. More stories: You need to see the incredible pole-dancing winner of Belgium’s Got Talent ‘I can’t wait to share my life with Mark’ – Attitude speaks to the man from *that* incredible proposal video