Scene and Heard | House of Moda, Paris

Wherever you are, you're never (too) far from a gay bar. So tune in every week for the inside track on why your local queer venue loves you, and why you should love it right back, as we get the low-down from the people who know best – the owners, the barmen, the DJs and the fabulous performers. If you find yourself in the French capital soon, time you trip with a visit to House of Moda. It takes takes place at various venues in Paris at least once a month and aims to 'awaken your inner diva'. Arnaud Crame, co-founder, promoter and resident DJ, describes House of Moda as "a realm of queens, crazy outfits, weird dress codes and the people who like them." You can also expect good music and selected local and international guest DJs who'll be playing house, techno and electro to a fiercely creative and friendly crowd. Here's what Arnaud had to say... How long have you been involved at House of Moda? Since day zero. Our first party took place in January 2011. What five words would you use to sum up your night? Extravaganza, drama, sweat, self-experimentation, beats. What’s the crowd like? Fun queer guys, fun queens, fun girls - a mixed, chilled crowd. Why do people love House of Moda? I think once you find out that the themed dress code is not an obstacle and that you don't have to be the most outlandish creature ever to enjoy the party, then you know you can have the time of your life. You can either spend six hours stuck to the dance floor like in any good-music-oriented club night, or spend the whole night in the smoking area giving away all your cigarettes to flirtatious and hilarious drag queens. Who would you never let in the door? Hard to say, as we don't have an exclusive door policy. Diversity is key to a good party and to a good world. However, we are strongly anti-sexist. If you are misogynistic and disrespectful to girls, lesbian girls, trans girls, femme guys, gender-fluid people and drag queens, please stay out. Gay venues are closing down all the time – what do you think the gay scene needs to do to keep thriving? In Paris there aren't that many gay venues but I do feel like gay events are everywhere now. Maybe gay regular nights at other venues are the future? What events have you got coming up in the next few weeks/months? 28 Jan - House of Moda 'Grande Fauve' ('big cats') @ La Java, Paris 10 Feb - House of Moda 'Grande Fauve' @ Le Romandie, Lausanne 25 Feb - House of Moda 'Catégorie: beauté, resplendissance' ('category: beauty, resplendence') @ La Java, Paris 11 Mar - House of Moda 'Erotica II' @ à la Folie, Paris 25 Mar - House of Moda 'Miss Catastrophe' @ La Java, Paris 8 Apr - House of Moda 'Miss Catastrophe' @ La Java, Paris All images: Valentin Fabre For more from the Scene and Heard series, click here. If you and your venue would like to be featured please contact [email protected] More stories: Sydney is having its biggest party of the year – WIN flights for two! Exclusive | Boys strip down to their designer briefs for Attitude