Sam Smith says he would like to start a family when he is 30

The openly gay singer opened up about starting a family and said he could do it with or without a husband


Words: Steve Brown

Sam Smith wants to have kids when he is 30.

The 26-year-old singer – who split with his boyfriend Brandon Flynn last year – opened up about starting a family and although he said he would prefer to find a husband first, the ‘Writings on the Wall’ hitmaker admitted he could do it alone.

While speaking to Hits Radio Breakfast Show, Smith said: “When I get to 30 years old I would like kids.

“I’d like to step off from touring for a few years and venture into that… I’d like two [kids].

“I think I need to find a husband first though, but I can do it alone.”

Smith recently dropped a new single with Normani and he admitted that he loves listening to his own music until they are released.

He continued: “I absolutely love listening to [my songs] before they’re released. Once they’re released, something I guess dies.

“As soon as I release a song I stop listening to it and it doesn’t belong to me anymore.

“I don’t really like the sound of my own voice most of the time.”