Ryan Phillippe knows his 'Cruel Intentions' butt scene made you gay

The actor starred alongside Reese Witherspoon and Selma Blair in the 1999 teen drama.


Ryan Phillippe knows showing his bum in Cruel Intentions made people gay.

The scene is undoubtable one of cinema's greatest moments – well, not really, but we stan – and for those who don’t remember it or haven’t seen the fantastic film, we see Ryan’s Sebastian dropping his towel next to a pool.

His peachy asset is ingrained in every gay man’s mind and we never complain when we see it – the clip is below for those who want to relive the beautiful scene:

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Ryan admitted he felt fine showing his butt and revealed many guys say that scene was when they realised they are gay. We totally get it.

He said: “I felt okay with [showing] my butt.

“Everybody has a butt, it’s really not that graphic. So many guys on Twitter are like, ‘That’s the moment I knew I was gay,’ and there have been guys like, ‘I behaved like Sebastian to get laid!’ Which I never did.”