Ryan Murphy teases he will 'reunite fan favourite' actors for 'American Horror Story' season 10

The current season, 1984, came to an end this week


Words: Steve Brown

Ryan Murphy has teased he will be ‘reuniting fan-favourite actors’ for American Horror Story season 10.

The ninth season of the Emmy Award-winning anthology season has come to an end in the US – with UK audiences being able to see the finale tonight (November 14) – and fans have already got their eyes on the theme for next season.

Although series co-creator Ryan Murphy says 1984 was the season with the best reviews, fans couldn’t help but miss the likes of Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Jessica Lange, who have all been staple parts of the franchise.

Gus Kenworthy and Billie Lourd in American Horror Story: 1984

But now, Murphy has teased he will be ‘reuniting fan favourite actors’ for the tenth season – which is rumoured to be the last season.

While speaking to Deadline, Murphy was asked whether the new season would be going up to space but he ruled out that theme.

He said: “It would be hard because it’s called American Horror Story and you’d have to stay within the legal soil limits in order to make that work.

The cast of the first ever season, Murder House

“We’re working on an idea for season 10 that I think people will love because it’s about reuniting fan-favourite actors to come back — because it might be our last season.

“It’s the last season we have contracted. So, I’ve been quietly reaching out to various people.

“Some people I haven’t reached out to yet because I was like ‘Do I have a role for them?’

The witches returned in American Horror Story: Apocalypse

“So far, everybody I reached out to said ‘Yes’, so that’s been great.”

When asked whether that could mean the return of Paulson, Peters, Lange and even favourites of ours Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett, Murphy said it’s ‘too soon to tell’.

He continued: “Too soon to tell, but I’ll just sort of say, the people who helped build this show into what it is, who believed in it from the beginning, have been contacted and are interested.

Angela Bassett, Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates in American Horror Story: Coven

“So if you look at the iconography of the first three seasons, you can figure who I’ve gone to and who might be coming back.

“I’m always surprised, it’s such a hard show to do. Season 9 has been really interesting. It’s the season that has gotten the best reviews.

“Going into its 10th season, it’s never been more popular. If you look at the worldwide numbers between the FX airing and the live+35 day airing, and you add up the streaming, every year, it grows, and grows and grows and this year that cumulative add has been our most popular season and our most critically hailed.

The cast of American Horror Story: Freak Show

“So, it’s always a show that surprises me. I’m surprised that the actors who are in it, love doing it.

“It’s so hard to make. This season was very hard because it had so many night shoots. But everyone wants to come back and the fans out pour their love for it.

“It’s No. 1 on Twitter. I’m excited about season 10 like I was excited about this year.

The cast of American Horror Story: Asylum

“I worked really hard on it. It was deeply embedded in my childhood and in Brad’s.”

Following the Murder House/Coven cross-over last year, Murphy teased the fan favourite witches would be back in a later series and we cannot wait to see what’s in store.