Ryan Gosling reveals he accidently licked a hairy belly during a Turkish massage

Ryan Gosling made an appearance on The Graham Norton Show yesterday (May 20) and revealed how a Turkish massage went completely wrong. "I had an awful experience having a Turkish massage," Gosling starts. "Where this guy's idea of massage, was to take my one leg and my other arm and to try and connect it behind my back." Ryan Gosling Massage But it gets worse from there, "His belly went into my mouth." "And you know when you get something weird in your mouth and you send your brain sends your tongue to figure out what it is? It's not a conscious thought, it's just like 'is that a bone? Figure it out!'" Amidst all the laughter Goslings adds, "My tongue was just like 'what is that?' It's a hairy belly!" The audience and Graham couldn't stop laughing after the big reveal to poor Gosling's dismay. I think we'll stay away from Turkish massages for now... Gosling is set to star as Enforcer Jackson Healy in The Nice Guys, in cinemas now. You can watch Gosling tell all in the video below: More stories: Is this Charlie by Matthew Zink’s hottest photoshoot yet? Calling all slut-shamers: ‘There’s no such thing as too much sex’