Russian gay couples to marry in Denmark for Eurovision

Eurovision-Song-Contest-2014Three Russian gay couples will be the first in line to marry when Denmark hosts a series of weddings to celebrate next month's Eurovision Song Contest. Between 20 and 30 gay and straight couples will marry in the days leading up to this year's event in Copenhagen. The weddings will also mark the 25th anniversary of same-sex partnerships in Denmark. The world’s first civil partnership ceremony was held in Copenhagen in 1989. Flemming Otto, who is in charge of the event, told Reuters: "We have already scheduled 20-30 couples in our calendar - both Danish and foreigners. On the first of the three days, we start with three Russian gay marriages. "It's no secret that the Eurovision Song Contest will attract many people from the gay community to Copenhagen, and last year Denmark had new legislation that made it easier for us to marry foreigners of the same sex," he added. The ceremonies will take place at three open-air locations in Copenhagen on May 7, 9 and 10. The live final of the Eurovision Song Contest takes place on May 10. > Denmark to host mass gay weddings to celebrate Eurovision > Listen to UK’s Eurovision entry ‘Children of the Universe’ > ‘Pointless’ to air Eurovision-themed celebrity special