Russell Brand speaks at a press conference to launch a new drug and alcohol education programme, on behalf of the Amy Winehouse Foundation, demanding a change to the way the issues are taught in schools, at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre in central London, Tuesday, Mar. 12, 2013. (Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)

Russell Brand hits back at gay marriage opponent

Russell BrandRussell Brand has spoken out against recent anti-gay comments made by conservative American author Ben Carson. Carson, a retired neurosurgeon and media pundit, has caused controversy recently with comments in his new book, One Nation, where he equates homosexuality to bestiality. The 62-year-old also argued recently that "no one" can change the heteronormative definition of marriage, saying that "marriage between a man and a woman is a pillar of society," reports The Huffington Post. In a six-minute video uploaded to his YouTube account, Brand hits back at Carson, saying: "Don't casually equate homosexuality with bestiality" and "How can you get attached to the fundamental definition of a pillar of society?. Brand also says to Carson, somewhat sardonically: "You know it's only a metaphor? Those pillars aren't really there." Watch Brand's full video response to Carson below: [youtube height="HEIGHT" width="WIDTH"][/youtube] Related news:  Gay Aussie rugby team to play as part of professional match