RuPaul's songwriter and producer Lucian Piane sparks outrage with racist Twitter rant

Lucian Piane, the songwriter and producer best known for co-creating some of RuPaul's greatest hits, has sparked fury and concern after a racist and anti-Semitic rant on Twitter. In the early hours of Sunday (November 27) the composer tweeted: "If black people stopped being so ashamed of themselves we could call them n****rs and they would laugh. Backwards shit," before calling RuPaul the "wisest n****r" he knows. The 36-year-old also wrote: "If Jews stopped the Holocaust victim shit we would all get along #truth". https://twitter.com/RevoLucian/status/802691888071327744 https://twitter.com/RevoLucian/status/802692261716758528 Piane was roundly condemned by followers, with one Twitter-user pointing out that the word was used by slave-owners, and another suggesting that he was making incorrect assumptions about black people, asking: "Who said we're ashamed?" https://twitter.com/Harrison_G89/status/803054016393379840 https://twitter.com/lynevenalu/status/803011405561663488 All Stars 2 contestant Tatianna responded to Piane's bizarre tweets, asking "wtf is wrong with you?" to which Lucian responded, "who the fuck are you?" "Someone who hasn't ruined their career," Tatianna replied. https://twitter.com/TATIANNANOW/status/802935667214823424 https://twitter.com/TATIANNANOW/status/802939574037008386 The latest rant come a day after Piane posted an explicit picture of himself on Twitter, writing "Check out my AIDSY hobo dick, China!" with a photo of his penis. The musician's ongoing erratic behaviour has led to suggestions that he could be struggling with mental health issues. While many have attacked Piane, RuPaul himself seems to have taken a more concerned approach to his long-term collaborator's controversies, cryptically tweeting: "Show some compassion. Please." https://twitter.com/RuPaul/status/802917513411469312   https://twitter.com/ZackFord/status/794294959239069696   Piane caused controversy last month when he seemingly came out in support of then-US presidential candidate Donald Trump, writing: "I'd rather have a corrupt businessman over a corrupt public official any day of the week." While his recent behaviour may have left his career unsalvageable, it remains to be seen whether Twitter will take action over the latest stream of offensive messages. https://twitter.com/ira/status/783123823226855424 More stories: One of London’s longest-running fetish clubs is closing The naked boys of the Coitus 2017 calendar will change your life - PICS