RuPaul's Drag Race UK star Lawrence Chaney deletes Twitter after troll attacks

Ellie Diamond has urged RPDR UK fandom to "be kind" after latest ep


Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: BBC

RuPaul's Drag Race UK star Lawrence Chaney has deleted their Twitter account after receiving attacks from online trolls over the show's explosive new episode.

Lawrence and co-star A'Whora were seen arguing with Ellie Diamond in last night's episode. The clash was caused by mini-challenge winner Ellie's choice of running order in the stand-up comedy challenge.

"You wanted to go after her [A'Whora] because you thought she was gonna go down like a sack of shit," Lawrence was heard telling Ellie.

"So did we all, because we've all underestimated her."

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Speaking backstage before the elimination, the star added: "You tried to set everyone up. [...] Don't sit there and be like 'I was tearing myself up.' I wasn't seeing someone torn up."

"It’s never okay to send someone hate"

The argument prompted a torrent of abuse online, and as of last night [4 March 2021], Lawrence's Twitter account - which had attracted over 90,000 followers - appears blank.

The page now reads: "This account doesn’t exist."

Lawrence's co-star Bimini defended her friend, saying: "This is a @ShadyLawrence stan account and you all need to realise it isn’t that deep.

"It’s a television show. If you support me please don’t tear others down!"

Ellie meanwhile tweeted today: "Just remember it’s never okay to send someone hate or hateful comments! Be kind to others and KEEP YAH MOOF CLOSED!"

The queens' eliminated costar Sister Sister recently spoke out against toxic fans sending abuse online.

RPDR UK SE2's penultimate episode follows the release of Lawrence, A'Whora, Tayce and Bimini's hit single 'UK Hun?'

Watch the foursome - named the United Kingdolls - discuss the song with Jodie Harsh for Attitude's online series Tea Time below.

Attitude has approached a rep for Lawrence Chaney for comment.

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