RuPaul's Drag Race season 9 stars attacked while out in Los Angeles

RuPaul's Drag Race season 9 stars Valentina and Trinity Taylor, along with photographer Jason King were attacked on the streets of West Hollywood late on Thursday (March 16) night. According to Gay Star News, Jason King posted about the incident on Facebook, explaining that he, Taylor, James Leyva (Valentina) and two friends were walking home when a man they didn't know joined the group. King wrote: "Last night Trinity Taylor, James Leyva, two other friends and myself were walking home after the club and a guy we didn't know took it upon himself to join our group but did not say anything." "After a certain amount of time this became uncomfortable and he was asked very politely by Valentina to please not follow us. He said his car was parked in the same direction we were going so he was asked again politely to go ahead of us and we would wait." The unknown man then asked the group to go ahead of them, and the situation escalated. When Valentina said they'd walk a different way, the man punched him. King explains how he tried to pull the unknown man off Valentina but was punched in the nose, adding that he spent "Nine hours in the ER." King then praised the work done by police following the incident, writing, "I know there is a lot of people out there that are against our law enforcement right now and I can understand why they would feel the way they do." "I want you all to know though that not every law enforcement person is bad. Last night we had about six officers in all which I feel I could confidently say were straight, come to our rescue." He continued, "Each and every one of them were not only helpful, but friendly and didn't care that we were gay, didn't care what we looked like or what colour our skin was." King adds, "They only cared about our safety and capturing the guy that did that, which they did." King then urged his friends and fans to stay safe as "You never know what could literally happen in a matter of seconds." More stories: Disney’s most memorable coded gay characters Grindr releases its own range of emojis