RuPaul's Drag Race renewed for a tenth season

VH1 has greenlit RuPaul's Drag Race for a further season in 2018. Season nine only started a few weeks ago, but fans have already been guaranteed a tenth run as VH1 announced its schedule for the next year. Drag Race moved to VH1 this year after eight years on the smaller, LGBT+ network LOGO. The show premiered to its best ratings ever in March. In a statement after the renewal, RuPaul said:“As we celebrate a Decade of Drag, we’ll continue to tell universal stories of the tenacity of the human spirit,” “Now more than ever, we rely on the power of love, laughter and creativity to combat fear and darkness.” Drag Race has been nominated for two MTV Movie & TV Awards, for Best Reality Competition and Best Host. VH1 has faced a backlash from fans over their choice of Wendy Williams as the host of the Drag Race pre-show. Blasting the decision, former Drag Race star Detox rushed to social media and told fans that the chat show host – who has been labelled ‘”transphobic” in the past – is an “enemy” of the community. In an interview with Attitude, former Drag Race queen Carmen Carrera said that she thinks Wendy deserves a chance. "She’s gonna learn from Race [about] the community, and maybe that’s what she needs," Carmen told us. "Sometimes you have to be exposed – because you have your own ideas of what you think about a certain community – who these people are. Until you go in and learn and experience is when you can realise, 'oh, maybe I was wrong.' So maybe it was a good choice, you know. I don’t like to think of anyone as an outcast, like “you’re not allowed in.” RuPaul's Drag Race airs Friday nights on VH1 in the US, with episodes added every Saturday on Netflix UK. More stories: Carmen Carrera opens up about feuding with RuPaul and life after ‘Drag Race’ ‘Drag Race’ star Adore Delano suing her management for millions of dollars