Rupaul, Tyler Oakley and Lance Bass "tone down the gay": WATCH

Have you ever been asked to ‘tone down’ your gayness? Perhaps you were young, experimenting with make-up and you had recently come-out and in the midst of a colourful flamboyant phase of self-discovery one particular person at a party asks “Maybe you could tone it down a bit? Do you have to be so gay?” US sitcom The Real O’Neals has delivered a triumphant new video parodying just that. The clip taken from the ABC show, that is based on the life of the gay outspoken columnist Dan Savage, shows the O'Neals watching a gay pride parade on TV, when the Catholic mum of out-and-proud teenager Kenny asks her son if he can tell the other gays to “tone it down a bit” Kenny then sarcastically replies, “Sure thing, we all know each other, so I’m just going to hop onto the rainbow bat phone and call everyone” Kenny does in fact get on the rainbow phone, where he proceeds to call Rupaul, Jane Lynch, Lance Bass and Tyler Oakley to help spread the word. Watch what happens below: