Roseanne Barr: 'George Clooney left a d*ck pic on my fridge'

1407347002_roseanne-barr-george-clooney-articleRoseanne Barr has claimed that George Clooney left a picture of his penis on the set of her classic sitcom Roseanne. Clooney appeared in eleven early episodes of the comedienne's ABC sitcom Roseanne, which won four Emmys and three Golden Globes during its nine-season run. During a recent appearance on US talk show The View, Barr told guests that Clooney left a picture of his penis - dressed, apparently, as comedian Groucho Marx - pinned to the fridge on set. "George took a picture of his, um, wiener?" recalled Barr. "What’s the better word?" "Yeah. Well, he had these Groucho [Marx] glasses, and he put the Groucho glasses [on his crotch], so that the wiener was - instead of the nose, he took the nose off," the 61-year-old continued. "And he put [the picture] on the [Conner family] fridge for the next day when we came in." Continuing, Barr claimed that she has no idea what has happened to the potentially embarrassing picture. "We would laugh at it all the time, and about the second day, it disappeared. I don't know. I thought it would surface by now, but maybe they don't know it was George Clooney," she said. Clooney has previously dismissed rumours that he left an intimate snap on the Roseanne fridge, but has admitted to pulling the same prank when he was younger. > Texas man includes 'd*ck pic with job application > Watch Helen Mirren twerk on the set of US chat show > News reporter accidentally shows 'd*ck pic' on live TV Watch Roseanne Barr make the revelation below: