Robert Carlyle says his 'War of the Worlds' character is 'potentially gay'

The new BBC One adaptation is set to his screens next week


Words: Steve Brown

Robert Carlyle says his The War of the Worlds character is ‘potentially gay’.

The long-awaited BBC One’s adaptation of H. G. Wells’ popular novel will finally be airing next week and stars the likes of Rafe Spall, Eleanor Tomlinson and Trainspotting star Robert Carlyle as astronomer and scientist Ogilvy.

Set in Edwardian England, the story follows George (Spall) and his partner Amy (Tomlinson) who are trying to start a life character but are soon fighting for their lives against an unknown enemy when Mars attacks.

And while speaking to Digital Spy, Carlyle said his character is ‘ahead of his time’ and suggested the character could be gay as well.

He said: “Ogilvy is very much ahead of his time. The first showing of this is that his assistant is a woman.

"Back in 1905 that was pretty much unheard of. This is observed when Ogilvy and Amy attend the crash site and are joined by fellow astronomer Stent (Daniel Cerqueira), who comments on this.

"Ogilvy is quick to confirm her importance, which now would not be a big deal but back then was something new. That is the first moment that makes Ogilvy different.

"There is also the fact that he is potentially gay. There is nothing that is explicitly stated in terms of confirming this but it is there nonetheless.

"He does say at one point to Amy when she is highlighting the gossipy nature of the village and worries that her relationship with George is being discussed, Ogilvy says, 'You should hear what they say about me'.

"She questions this and he tells her that he is an unmarried bachelor of advancing years who keeps himself nicely turned out, which is a big thing to say in those times as you could go to jail for being gay."

Watch the trailer below:

Image: BBC Pictures