Robbie Rogers: 'My first experience with a guy was awkward, I'm better at it now'

Robbie Rogers has opened up about his first experience with another man. The former Attitude cover star came out in February 2013 to coincide with his retirement from professional football, but after an overwhelmingly positive response he returned to the game later that year, signing with US team LA Galaxy. Robbie Rogers In a new interview, Rogers has revealed that he only hooked up with a guy for the first time after he'd come out, and though the encounter was "super awkward," he's "gotten better" at it now. "My first time with a girl was in high school," Rogers told GQ. "I think it was my junior year of high school. Still friends. It was actually alright, you know I'm a gay guy. I don't know how she enjoyed it or if she enjoyed it as much as me." He continued: "First time with a guy was actually not until I was 25, after I came out. Super awkward. I mean, can you imagine dating and hooking up with a guy after your coming out, after 25 years? I'm sure he was like, 'What is going on?' I think I've gotten a little better at doing all that stuff so hopefully those embarrassing moments are over." Meanwhile, you can take a closer look at all the pics from Robbie's hot Attitude cover shoot here. Watch the footballer's GQ interview below: [youtube height="HEIGHT" width="WIDTH"][/youtube]   More stories: Watch Robbie Rogers behind the scenes on ‘Attitude’ shoot Instagram Gold: Robbie Rogers strips down for yoga class