Robbie Rogers: 'Coming out changed every aspect of my life'

RobbieRobbie Rogers has said that coming out as gay changed "every aspect" of his life. The former Attitude cover star came out in February 2013 after retiring from professional football, but he later returned to the game when he joined LA Galaxy the same year. In a new interview, the footballer has revealed that he was unable to have "proper relationships" before coming out because he was too afraid to let anyone know that he was gay. "For such a long time I felt there was something wrong with me," he told Daily News. “Now that I’m out, I still have to work through that stuff. People don’t realize even after you come out you still have 25 years of dealing with these emotions and they don’t just go away like that.” He continued: “I couldn't have proper relationships with people because I was so afraid to open up to anyone and for people to really get to know me. I’ve come a long way." "Coming out has changed every aspect of my life,” he added. “I have real relationships now. Before, I would distance myself. I think that’s why subconsciously I found myself playing in so many different places away from home." Meanwhile, Rogers recently said that he thought there would be "more of a chain reaction" when he came out – find out more here. More stories: Watch Robbie Rogers behind the scenes on ‘Attitude’ shoot Instagram Gold: Robbie Rogers strips down for yoga class