Rising theatre stars to put on night of short plays to raise money for homeless LGBTQ youth

'Briefs 21' will see some of the UK's hottest stage talents put on a show (or eight) to benefit LGBTQ housing charity akt.


Rising stars of the UK's theatre scene are set to put on an electrifying night of short plays to raise money for homeless LGBTQ youth.

Briefs 21 will see some of the UK's best young writers, actors and directors showcase groundbreaking comedy, musicals and drama at London's Waterloo East Theatre this Thursday (5 September) to benefit LGBTQ housing charity akt.

Eight short plays running at 10-15 minutes will see cover topics as diverse as LGBTQ bereavement and sentient pasta as some of Britain's brightest thesps show off their skills for a good cause.

Since starting in 2013, Briefs has showcased over 160 short plays during the course of 20 shows - the last of which raised money for the Russian LGBT Network to help those affected by anti-LGBTQ persecution in Chechnya.

Image: Andrea Irmeni

Briefs' pledge of support for akt - currently celebrating its 30th anniversary - comes as research from the charity shows that 1 in 4 homeless young people identifiy as LGBTQ.

Of these, more than three quarters have been made homeless due rejection, ejection or abuse from their own families.

Hollyoaks writer Shaun Kitchener, who produces Briefs as well as performing and contributing scripts, says: "Briefs is such a laugh; the atmosphere is always great and the line-up for this show is probably the most varied we've had for ages.

"I mean we've got a piece in which three characters are talking bits of penne."

He goes on: "We've got relationship drama, toxic masculinity, a cracking monologue, tarot card reading... we've got a heavily pregnant woman performing her own really funny comedy about being pregnant [Georgia Taylforth]...


Image: Andrea Irmeni

"Each piece is only 10-15 minutes long and there's absolutely something for everyone.

"Also, all of us are foregoing any form of payment so we can raise as much money as possible for a great charity."


Briefs 21 takes place at 7:30pm this Thursday, 5 September at London's Waterloo East Theatre. For tickets click here.