Rihanna is top female artist of all-time on Spotify

rihanna-gazeMusic streaming service Spotify has announced that Rihanna is their most-played female artist of all time. The Barbadian singer has also been number one female artist on the service's annual streaming list for two years in a row. Spotify launched in 2008 and now has over 20 million users worldwide. On last year's list of top female artists, Dark Horse singer Katy Perry comes in second, while Summertime Sadness songstress Lana Del Rey places third despite not releasing an album in 2013. Beyoncé only manages to come in fourth, perhaps in part because she has yet to make her latest album, last year's BEYONCE, available to stream on Spotify. Two British female artists appear on the list: Ellie Goulding at eight and Florence + The Machine at nine. Miley Cyrus comes in at a surprisingly lowly number ten.
Check out the full top ten: 1. Rihanna 2. Katy Perry 3. Lana Del Rey 4. Beyonce 5. Pink 6. Lady Gaga 7. Taylor Swift 8. Ellie Goulding 9. Florence + The Machine 10. Miley Cyrus > Rihanna lends support to gay rights campaign in Russia > Attitude's Ultimate Rihanna playlist: All bangers, no clangers