Relive Nick Jonas's bicep-busting Attitude shoot (PICS)

We're a sucker for a Jonas brother...


Get in, Camp Rock fans, we're going stanning.

Yep, almost six years after the Jonas Brother last released music as a trio, the purity ring-wearing pop-rockers turned eye-wateringly hot man band are back with new single 'Sucker', giving us all a long-overdue opportinuty to drool over Nick, Joe and Kevin without having to flick between tabs.

A lot has changed since the boys were last together, most notably Nick's ascent to full-blown gay pin-up, in part thanks to his turn as closeted boxer on now-defunct US TV drama Kingdom.

The youngest Jonas brother posed for Attitude back in 2014, where he discussed kissing goodbye to his clean-cut Disney image as he filled every frame with his almost offensivley large arms.

To celebrate having the boys back in our lives, we thought it was time to take a trip down memory lane. Enjoy the ride...