Raye inspired by 'fearless, powerful' Halsey: 'She uses her platform to protect and empower'

Exclusive: "She's a spokesperson for the rights of others," says 'Call On Me' singer Raye of Halsey.


Words: Jamie Tabberer; pictures: Matt Crossick/PA Wire/Capitol

Raye has discussed the impact Halsey has had on her after the pair toured together pre-coronavirus.

'Call On Me' singer Raye supported Halsey, who is bisexual, on the European leg of her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom tour in 2018.

Asked in honour of Pride month about LGBTQ stars who have inspired her, Raye singled out the 'Life's A Mess' singer for special mention.

"I really connected with her and what she stands for"

Speaking to Attitude at MAGNUM’S #ShowYourLayers event in London last week, Raye said: "I went on tour with Halsey, and she is a very fearless, powerful woman. She celebrates self-expression and is also a spokesperson for the rights of others. She uses her platform to protect and empower people from all sorts of communities and I think that’s so beautiful.

"I really connected with her and what she stands for."

Raye, also known for songs like 'BED' and 'Secrets', added of Pride month: "I feel like everyone should be able to express themselves as they are, without feeling fear. With Pride in general, as well as with Black Lives Matter movement, I feel like it’s so important that we really go out of our way to put these communities on the pedestals they deserve – and have been stripped of up until this point.

"It’s heartbreaking to think of the injustice that has occurred before, and even still today.

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"That is why I believe all people should be doing their utmost to support these communities, and celebrate what makes them, them."

Raye's new single 'Call On Me' is out now.

RAYE has teamed up with Magnum to encourage Brits to #ShowYourLayers. Learn more about and view the #ShowYourLayers campaign on magnumicecream.com/uk/.

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