Rapper Ja Rule calls 50 Cent a 'power bottom' in homophobic rant

The rapper took aim at 50 Cent during a long, anti-gay rant


Ja Rule has come under fire for calling 50 Cent a "power bottom" during a Twitter rant. 

50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, reignited his long-standing feud after claiming he would "knock out" Ja Rule if he saw him. The rapper then responded with a series of anti-gay tweets.

In the rant, Ja Rule claimed the hip-hop artist had a new name, "ticklebooty", a reference to the rumour that 50 Cent enjoys anal sex. 

Rule, 41, made the comments on his Twitter account last week on Friday (January 19).

The rapper wrote: "From now on everyone can refer to 50 Cent as #ticklebooty not fif not fiddy... #ticklebooty that's his name call him it to his face he ain't gonna go sh*t... and if he does sue him like he did me... #Murderinctvseries". 

In a follow up tweet, Ja Rule gave 50 Cent another anti-gay name.

He wrote: "I really don't see why ppl like 50 Cent aka #Powerbottom. He hates on any black man or woman having success... he hates on Diddy, on Jay, on Empire. C'mon how you beefing with Taraji??? #ticklebooty". 

He posted another tweet which read: "Now I know why 50 Cent named his show Power #Powerbottom #ticklebooty #Murderinctvseries". 

In other tweets, Rule claimed that 50 Cent "let's women and men play with his butthole," that "dick riding is not a form of transportation" and he called the rapper a "piece of sh*t" and "pussy."

Many Twitter users have since slammed Ja Rule for his anti-gay language.

And while 50 Cent hasn't responded to the tweets, their feud has been ongoing since the early 2000s when 50 Cent claimed Ja Rule had accused him of stealing jewelery.