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Queer pop artist Le Fil's ‘Undercover Lover’ is an ode to secret crushes - WATCH

The London-based queer performer – fresh from touring the world with Melanie C – gets real about illicit crushes on his moody new track.


Queer pop artist Le Fil’s new track, ‘Undercover Lover’, has us dreaming of the days we’ll be out of lockdown and back to the world of fleeting crushes on strangers.

The Huddersfield-born singer-songwriter, who’s worked with London-based LGBTQ collective Sink The Pink, tells Attitude he started writing the track on a bus while daydreaming about a fellow passenger.

“It reminded me of all the secret crushes I’ve ever had,” he says. “Like fancying a friend or someone who already has a partner, naughty!"

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“It took me back to when I was at school and having all these crushes that I couldn’t talk about because I was gay and hadn’t come out yet.

“That sense of secrecy and yearning to love and be loved was overwhelming and I wanted to get that into the song.”

As a out-and-proud performer, Le Fil also says it was important to give the song a queer viewpoint, consciously deciding to include the gender-specific lyric “someone’s guy”.

The song – an intense, moody pop hit layered with rich vocals – enters obsessive yearning territory with lyrics like, “Morning to midnight/Can’t get you off my mind/Longing to say you’re mine/By my side, everywhere.”

Over the past year, Le Fil has been travelling the world with Spice Girl Melanie C, as one of five drag queen backing dancers each taking on one of the Spice Girls personas.

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Can’t believe it’s been a month since we performed at New York’s World Pride! Here’s a backstage throwback moment captured for @voguebrasil courtesy of @leandrojusten with @melaniecmusic @sink_the_pink and our guest performer @courtneyact 🖤

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He was Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham), and says the experience of playing at Pride festivals around the world – including at São Paolo in Brazil – with Melanie “really opened [his] eyes to how much pop music can bring people together”.

“When we toured and went to places like Brazil or Australia, it was wild and really special to see how the songs touch people’s lives,” he explains. “That’s what I love about music, its ability to soundtrack a moment in time and make it last forever.

“[Melanie’s] fans are so dedicated and lovely, and have really stuck by her over the last 25 years. That power of connection is what really inspires me to continue writing songs.”

While the coronavirus lockdown has cancelled a lot gigs for performers this coming summer – including the Sink The Pink tour that Le Fil was due to start – he says it’s changed “the type of creativity” he’s able to focus on.

“It’s given me time to focus on the music and get proper stuck into it,” he says.

“Usually when I get started on something, I never want to leave the house because it spoils the flow, so it’s actually quite nice to have the opportunity to stay in and develop ideas.”

There are other benefits of lockdown too though – it gives Le Fil some downtime from the make up and outfit changes.

“It’s quite nice not to wear any make up or put on any clothes at all. Naked time!”

‘Undercover Lover’ is available to stream or buy now. Follow Le Fil on Instagram @iamlefil.