Queer Eye's Tan reveals whether any of the Fab Five got flirty during filming

Give us the tea, Tan!


We could go on about the reasons we love Queer Eye all day (and through the night, tbh) but it's undeniable that the success of Netflix's reboot of the makeover series has hinged on the magnetic chemistry between the new Fab Five.

The genuine love, affection and support between Karamo, Antoni, Jonathan, Bobby and Tan was plain to see throughout the first season's eight episode-run, but the group's closeness has lead some to wonder whether anything more than friendship ever developed during filming.

In a new interview with The Overtake, the gang's resident fashionista Tan France revealed whether there was ever indeed any flirtation on set. And his answer was pretty definitive.

"Between the Fab Five? Oh my god. No", he replied, laughing.

"Are you kidding me? No! Not even… that couldn’t be more gross! Legit, we are like brothers."

The Doncaster-born style guru, who has been married to husband Rob for several years, went on to dispel some rumours about himself and the Fab Five's food-loving dish Antoni.

"People keep asking if me and Antoni are having an affair, which is fucking hilarious, because he’s always sat on my lap, or I’m always sat on his lap, but he’s literally like a brother," Tan said.

"My husband and his partner are the closest of friends, we’ve become the closest of friends and he’s just become like a brother. I couldn’t think of anything more gross!

"The answer is 100% no. I think if there was sexual tension, we couldn’t do what we do. And we wouldn’t be as close as we all are."

 Tan, who lived in Manchester and London before relocating to Utah full-time three years ago, added that he wouldn't be happy should the group's platonic dynamic change in the future.

"No, everybody needs to not ever ever want that to happen!" he said of the idea of any of his co-stars getting together.

"I would be devastated. I would be so angry!"

Well Tan, the shippers can still dream...

Queer Eye is available to stream on Netflix now.