Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski to open a New York restaurant

The Queer Eye food expert revealed his plan to open a 'fast-casual' restaurant in New York


Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski has announced plans to open a New York restaurant. 

The Netflix show's food expert, who covers Attitude's all-new July issue alongside his Queer Eye co-stars, revealed the news during a cast panel discussion at the 92nd Street Y earlier this week.

Speaking at the event, the 34-year-old said: "I'm all about like cheese and pork belly and decadence, and as a result of the increased vanity of being on camera all the time and working out and eating healthy, I'm developing a fast-casual food concept restaurant that I'm gonna be opening here in New York." 

However, Porowski refrained from giving out any additional details as he wasn't "supposed to talk about it". The news comes after Porowski announced last month that he was releasing his very own cookbook in Spring 2019.

Antoni Porowski, shot exclusively by Leigh Keily for Attitude's July issue

Meanwhile, the food expert spoke on how Queer Eye has made him more open about his sexuality in Attitude's July issue - available to download and in shops now.

Antoni explains: "Being in a comfort bubble with the [Queer Eye] guys, getting praised for being ourselves, has changed me."

"As a result of the show, I feel I’m openly gay and I wasn’t before. I’ve had the safety to start wearing brighter things. I wore a twin pyjama set last night, I paint my toenails now.

"I’ve always had a feminine side but it’s been on the inside. To be able to express it on the outside without any shame is really nice."

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