Queer Eye Fab Five reveal who would be their ultimate makeover

They also discuss how they would give Donald Trump a makeover if they got their hands on him


The Queer Eye Fab Five have revealed who would be their ultimate makeover.

The Fab Five – Jonathan van Ness (styling), Karamo Brown (culture), Antoni Porowski (food and wine), Tan France (fashion) and Bobby Berk (design) – are known for their ability to transform people’s lives in the hit Netflix series.

But in an exclusive interview in Attitude’s July issue, they open up about who would be their ultimate celebrity makeover.

Karamo says: “Peter Griffin from Family Guy, or Home Simpson, we would all love that.”

Antoni then drops another name into the mix, Eric Cartman from South Park.

“Yes, him too,” continues Karamo. “We love that there are cartoon characters who epitomise the men we are trying to help.

“They dress the same and have the same routines with their wife and kids. We’d love to go into cartoon-land and sort them out.”

Antoni then interrupts and says: “That and we don’t want to offend actual humans.”

During the interview, the Fab Five were asked what they would do if they were to have Donald Trump for a makeover to which Bobby “respectfully declined”.

However, Jonathan goes on to say how he believes the President of the United States already thinks he looks great.

Jonathan says: “You know, Kim K went to meet him and I have mixed feelings. One really big thing separating him from the guys we work with is that I don’t think Trump wants help.

“He thinks he looks great, his bronzer is beautiful, he’s rocking that rooty look, honey.

“If you aren’t curious to come to the table and ask if you’re stuck in a rut, it’s not going to work.

“He doesn’t feel stuck, he loves that ill-fitting-ass suit.”

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