Professional footballers spark relationship rumours with adorable picture

Footballer players Keita Balde and Patricio Gabarrón Gil have sparked relationship rumours. The two men, who play for Italian club Lazio, shared a picture of themselves holding hands poolside on social media over the weekend. They captioned the adorable snap with two male emojis and a love heart, which sent fans into a frenzy as they debated what the picture meant. Surprisingly, whatever the post was supposed to mean, the majority of responses were incredibly positive and accepting. One fan wrote: "If Keita turns out gay this is gonna change football forever, he's gonna get all the support he needs from friends, family and supporters". A second impressed follower wrote: "If Keita is gay then fair play for coming out. Very bold. Sets a good message for other homosexual players that it's okay to come out". "Massive statement, one in this day and age shouldn't be necessary. But fair play for being honest. Best of luck to ye. Sign for Liverpool," added a third fan. Either way, it's heartwarming to see two footballer players comfortable enough with themselves to share such a post with fans on social media, especially considering how notoriously homophobic the sport has been known to be in the past. More stories: Meet Big Brother 2017 housemate Kieran Lee Transgender man verbally abused by mothers with young children on London Overground train