Pro wrestler Anthony Bowens comes out as bisexual in adorable video with boyfriend

The 26-year-old athlete says he hopes he can inspire others to follow their heart.


Professional wrestler Anthony Bowens has come out publicly as bisexual in an adorable video with his YouTuber boyfriend, Michael Pavano.

The US athlete was introduced as Pavano's boyfriend in a video uploaded to YouTube last September, which has attracted more publicity after Anthony wrote an op-ed for OutSports discussing his experiences coming to terms with his sexuality in the world of sports.

"The video was a blast to do, but I worried that someone from the wrestling world would stumble across it and learn my secret. I decided to let it be posted anyway," Anthony writes.

The 26-year-old goes on to explain how he was only out to family and a few select friends when he met Michael in May last year, but that the pair's relationship was initially kept on the "down low" because of his fear of a backlash from the wrestling community - something he says no longer concerns him.

"I can’t even begin to tell you how many people I’ve spoken to over the years who are hiding and suppressing themselves out of fear of being judged," he says.

"If I can help inspire at least one person to fight past their struggles through my journey or inspire at least one person to live their dreams, it’s all worth it for me."

In a separate Facebook post written in January this year, Bowens asked any friends and followers who had a problem with his sexuality to remove themselves from his life.

"Just wanted to let everyone know I’m bisexual," he wrote at the time. "I look forward to changing perceptions and breaking stereotypes as I continue on my journey. I have zero patience for negativity so if this bothers you please delete me. Thanks!"

Since the publication of the OutSports article, both Anthony and Michael have shared adorable pictures of themselves together on Instagram, finally relishing the opportunity to be open about their relationship with the world.


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Congratulations boys!