Pro-LGBTQ Gabriel Boric to become Chile's next President

"I know that in the coming years, the future of our country is at stake, so I guarantee that I will be a president who cares for democracy".


Words: Alastair James; pictures: Wiki

Gabriel Boric, a left-wing candidate who has supported greater LGBTQ inclusivity positions in Chile's presidential election has won with a sizable majority.

The 35-year-old, who is the youngest person ever to become Chile's president, pledged to be a president for everyone in his first remarks since winning the election. He is due to take office in March 2022.

He beat his far-right opponent, Jose Antonio Kast, who called the young president shortly after his loss to congratulate him. Boric won 56 percent of the votes, compared with 44 percent for his conservative opponent.

"We have an enormous challenge"

In a speech, Mr Boric said he intended to be a president for "all Chileans," as reported by Al Jazeera. The BBC, reports Mr. Boric as recognising the "tremendous sense of responsibility" that was being placed upon him and that he would "firmly fight against the privileges of a few".

Continuing he said: "We have an enormous challenge. I know that in the coming years, the future of our country is at stake, so I guarantee that I will be a president who cares for democracy and does not risk it, listens more than speaks, seeks unity, and attends to the needs of the people daily."

Boric's victory is being seen as a win for the country's LGBTQ community given his support for improving inclusivity for LGBTQ people and advancing gender equality. He has also promised to tackle the country's large economic inequality as well.

During his speech in Santiago, supporters are reported to have waved Pride flags. The victory was also celebrated online. One person, highlighting Boric's previous support for the trans people tweeted that it was "beautiful to see that someone who has been actively supporting trans people for years is elected as president".

The win comes just a week after same-sex marriage was legalised in the Latin-Ameican country after getting a majority backing in both of the country's parliament chambers. 

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