Priest who married man 54 years younger than him admits he loves a toy boy

Retired clergyman Philip Clements and Florin Marin appeared on 'Jeremy Kyle Show'


A retired priest admitted he “loves a toy boy” while appearing on the Jeremy Kyle Show.

Philip Clements, 79, married the 25-year-old Romanian model Florin Marin last year after meeting on the dating site Gaydar, but just four months later, the couple announced their split.

However, since their split the couple have since reconciled but their turbulent marriage made headlines due to the large age gap between them.

In order to put the record straight, the couple decided to appear on the ITV chat show today (June 28) - which was filmed a month ago - to reveal that they now have an open relationship but still love each other.

Although they have an open relationship, Marin has to tell Clements if he sleeps with anyone else a and during the show, they both revealed they have dated others during their split.

Clements revealed he had a short romance with a 22-year-old student and told the nation that he loves “toy boy”.

He said: “I love a toy boy, which may seem unusual for a priest, but priests are human.”

Clements also admitted that the age gap affected their relationship with Marin’s desire to go clubbing into the early hours and the former clergyman said their sexual relationship is restricted because of his age and the fact he had undergone treatment for his prostate.

When Marin arrived on stage, he was grilled over claims he is a gold digger to which he said he loves the nickname because “it’s beautiful” and went on to say: “Because the people are interested in me”.

Clements then went on to say why they attended the show and said: “We want to show people that we’re normal. I’m not a dirty old man.

“People who meet us know us as ordinary people. We’ve got nothing to feel ashamed about and everything to proclaim.

Clements sold his £214,000 home in Kent to buy a flat in Marin’s native city Bucharest where they planned a new life together.

Just weeks after the clergyman transferred ownership of the flat over to Marin, the pair split and the toy boy revealed he was dating someone else.