Pictures: West Hollywood Water Polo team strut their stuff

The West Hollywood Water Polo Team dropped by The Standard, Hollywood recently and photographer Peter Bohler captured an evening of friendly competition, chiseled abs, and revealing water polo styles. Bohler's stunning pics of the fellas can be seen in full on The Standard's website. When they got in touch with us here atĀ Attitude if we'd like to share a few highlights from the shoot - along with a few previously unseen outtakes - there was only one logical response: YES PLEASE. That's enough from us - we'll let the pictures do the talking. What is it about water polo players? Standard-Hotel-hollywood-waterpolo-catch-bohler4717 Standard-Hotel-hollywood-water-polo-elevatorVERT-bohler-5350 Standard-Hotel-hollywood-water-polo-shower-bohler-5044 Standard-Hotel-hollywood-water-polo-naked-bohler-5431 Standard-Hotel-hollywood-water-polo-underwater-bohler-8788 Standard-Hotel-hollywood-water-polo-lobby-bohler-3931 Standard-Hotel-hollywood-water-polo-spread-bohler2 Bohler-4838 Bohler-4193 Bohler-4003 Bohler-3832 All pictures by Peter Bohler, with thanks to The Standard, Hollywood.