Pictures: Nick Jonas's 'Kingdom' character revealed to be gay

It's been confirmed that Nick Jonas' Kingdom character is gay. The former Attitude cover star plays rookie fighter Nate in the gritty drama, which began airing in October in the US and has already been renewed for another two seasons. The first season has been laced with hints suggesting that Jonas' character is struggling with his sexuality, but nothing was confirmed until a scene from last night's (December 11) season finale, which saw Nate being rejected entry to a gay club before drunkenly engaging in a sex act with another man. Check out the scene below: Jonas3 Jonas2 Jonas1 Jonas has discussed the storyline in a new interview, revealing that he did a lot of "prep work" so he was able to portray his character as accurately as possible. “Everyone at Kingdom was really transparent about the character and some of the things the character would go through. And in my prep work, I wanted to be aware so I could properly tell this story," Jonas told Buzzfeed. “For me, it was important to maintain the stakes for Nate," the actor explained. "He lives in a world of fear — fear of disappointing his father, both in the cage and outside of the cage — and he carries that pressure with him in so many ways. I think it’s something a lot of people can relate to." "I’ve really been trying to make an effort to talk with my gay fan base and find unique opportunities to set up the next chapter of my life and my career with them in it," he added. Meanwhile, if you fancy more from Nick Jonas – check out the 'Jealous' singer behind the scenes of his recent Attitude photoshoot here. More stories: Picture Special: Nick Jonas naked in ‘Kingdom’ Jonas on gay fans: ‘After a few drinks anything can happen’