Picture Special: Hot James from The Vamps

Obviously, we love boybands here at Attitude, but with Blue, One Direction and McFly to contend with, we seem to have overlooked The Vamps. For those that don't already know, The Vamps have recently scored themselves a top two debut album - and have supported the likes of Taylor Swift, The Wanted and Little Mix on tour. Not only are they the newest boys in town, but they're also pretty hot. We're particularly taken with their lead guitarist, 20-year-old James McVey. *swoons*. This is James. JAmes The vamps 4 This is James wearing a vest top. James The Vamps 1 This is James on a skateboard with no vest on. James The VAmps 3 And this is James doing some light exercise. James The Vamps 2 Right then, back to work... Harry Judd gets naked for cover of new Attitude Watch Harry Judd naked behind-the-scenes on Attitude shoot Remember when Lee Ryan and Duncan James got naked for Attitude?