Phillip Schofield blasts homophobic guest on This Morning: 'I'm finding this abhorrent'

Phillip Schofield hit back at a guest live on This Morning after disagreeing with her views on LGBT+ people. Andrea Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern, appeared on the ITV show alongside a teacher who is facing losing his job after he "misgendered" a pupil in his class. The conversation quickly trailed off, and Andrea began sharing her views on homosexuality to the dismay of both Phillip and his co-star, Holly Willoughby. Andrea said: "Very often when we see children who are identifying as homosexual, very often it's not good for them to live out in such a lifestyle. It's not good for them to be highly sexual." A lifestyle? Sweetie, no. Phil, who was clearly stunned by the remarks, replied: "I'm finding this utterly abhorrent. We'll get back to the show and back to 2017 instead of medieval Britain." Joshua Sutcliffe, 27, who appeared alongside Andrea on the show, is facing losing his job after he said "well done girls" to a group of students which happened to include one child who identifies as a boy. During the interview, Holly and Phil were both forced to intervene when the teacher continued to refer to his pupil as "her," despite the complaint lodged against him. He said: "Personally and under law in this country and biologically it makes sense for us to be man and woman. "Our policies should be influenced by biology and law rather than what I would say an ideology."