Pennsylvania to offer gender-neutral driving licenses

The US state joins 14 others who have introduced non-binary gender options of licenses


Words: Steve Brown

Pennsylvania to offer gender-neutral driving licenses.

The US state joins 13 others to allow motorists to use the ‘X’ to incidate gender rather than male or female.

Currently, Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation (PennDOT) allows transgender people to change their gender on the license but now non-binary people will have greater flexibility.

Amanda Arbour, executive director of the LGBT Center of Central Pennsylvania, said: “We appreciate the support for our communities and hope to continue moving forward with policies that protect our transgender and non-binary communities.

“If a transgender person has a gender marker on their ID that doesn’t align with how they present to the world, then that can automatically out them and put them at greater risk for harassment, for violence, for mistreatment.”