Panti Bliss writing TV show about her life

Panti Bliss could soon be coming to a screen near you. The legendary drag queen recently sold the rights to her autobiography Woman in the Making to an American production company, and she's already hard at work on a script to turn it into a series. The show will be based around Panti's life as the landlady of a gay bar, mirroring her real life experience of running an pub in Dublin. Panti said that the series is “fictional-ish," but will draw inspiration from real-life events, as reported in The Irish Independent. "It is a comedy drama. I will be Panti in it and draw on my vast back catalogue of embarrassing stories. “They are a big impressive company they have the money to say let’s just go and do it. It’s a new thing for me writing for TV. It’s exciting.” In a 2015 interview with Attitude, Panti described herself as “a court jester, whose role is to say the un-sayable.” This series won't be Panti's first time onscreen. She previously starred in the documentary The Queen of Ireland, which charts her life as a performer as well as a social activist. Panti came to international attention in February 2014, when she delivered a memorable speech about homophobia at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin. The clip became an internet sensation, and an LGBT call to arms.