Panti Bliss fronts new campaign encouraging people to plan their lifelong journey with HIV: WATCH

A new campaign fronted legendary drag queen and activist Panti Bliss has launched to help people living with HIV navigate their lifelong journey with the condition. The My HIV, My Rules, My Journey campaign by Gilead Sciences in partnership with Positively UK, emphasises that decisions made about health, wealth and wellbeing today will help people with HIV to live the lives they want tomorrow. The humorous video features a bossy Christopher Green as plane attendant doing a flight safety demonstration whilst walking around the plane breaking peoples phones who are seemingly using Grindr to make sure they listen to him. This is quickly interrupted by Panti Bliss who takes charge by saying: "This is OUR journey, OUR rules. HIV used to be a short hop but now it's a long haul so let's make it a healthy and happy one." image002   “It is so important people living with HIV feel comfortable talking to, and working alongside, health professionals to plan for their lifelong journey,” Panti explained. “HIV can speed up the ageing process so it’s essential to seek advice in order to take the best route for the journey ahead. I’ve lived the life I wanted with HIV for over 20 years and do not intend to stop now!” In addition to the HIV101 video, the My HIV, My Rules, My Journey website features many articles on health checks to consider, details on the types of questions to discuss with healthcare professionals and information on upcoming events. Watch the video here: