Paloma Faith: 'More men would be bisexual if it wasn't taboo'

FaithPaloma Faith has shared her thoughts on bisexuality, arguing that more men might identify as bisexual if it wasn't perceived as a social "taboo". The Hackney-born singer, who collected the Music prize at the Attitude Awards on Monday night (October 13), discusses sexuality in an extensive interview in the latest issue of Attitude. "I'm a gay man trapped in a woman's body," the singer says. "I also think most women are bisexual. I think's it's maybe less so for men because socially it's more taboo, there's more pressure on a man, so it's a big deal, a big decision to come out." She continues: "I think with women, it's every heterosexual man's biggest fantasy to see two women get together, so it's a bit more acceptable. Also the other thing I was talking to someone about recently is how everybody's first sexual experience is with a woman. Because we were sucking on our mother's nipples!" You can read the full interview with Paloma Faith – in which she also discusses recording the next Bond theme, the success of her latest album and Radio 1's refusal to play her music – in the new issue of Attitude, which is out in shops now and available to download to your iPad or tablet device at Pocketmags.com/Attitude. You can also order a physical copy via post – and pick the cover you want – from newsstand.co.uk. 250_Awards PALOMA