Out soccer player Collin Martin hopes other gay footballers can find 'comfort in sport'

Martin publicly came out on social media last year


Words: Steve Brown

Collin Martin hopes other gay footballers can find ‘comfort in sport’.

The openly gay Minnesota United footballer – who publicly came out last year – was speaking for the MLS ‘Soccer For All’ initiative during Pride month a year after coming out via social media.

And during his interview, he sent a message of positivity to other gay players who are worried about coming out.

He said: “There has to be some more gay footballers.

"I hope that they can find comfort in not only society but comfort in sport, that they can be themselves because I think it's a shame nowadays if people aren't able to be themselves.

“When you make a public statement like that, you're not doing it for yourself really.

"I was truly doing it just to be an example for maybe young kids or people that were maybe unsure of their sexuality or didn't know their place in sport - it could be really anything."