Olly Murs dancing in a tiny kilt-cum-thong is the video the world needs right now

If we know two things about Olly Murs, it's that he loves to get his kit off - and that he just loves to get his kit off. After sharing various nude pictures of himself in the last years with only items like a pineapple and a football trophy to protect his modestly, the 'Kiss Me' singer has stripped off once again to improve all of our Mondays with a video of him dancing in nothing but a miniature kilt-cum-thong. Olly, who raised more than a few eyebrows last year after claiming he was "20% gay", shared the clip of himself to Instagram after his show in Glasgow over the weekend (March 4), having previously teasing fans with a picture of his eye-catching new costume in its packaging the day before. "Ooh just been given this, do I wear it or don’t I? Decisions, decisions, decisions," the 32-year-old said at the time. Well Olly, we can safely say you made the right choice...

Glasgow I promised I would 😝😝 Great 2 nights!! Love you all scotland! See you in the summer ☀️

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Oh.. just been given this 😝😜

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Meanwhile, if kilts are your thing, you might be very interested to see just how they look on a pair of Scottish men doing yoga in them... and nothing else. More stories: Olly Murs: 'I'm 20% gay' Olly Murs shows off impressive new physique in before and after pics Happy birthday Olly Murs! His hottest ever moments