Olly Alexander: 'Talking about mental health takes away its control over you'

Olly Alexander has opened up about his mental health issues to everyone's favourite TV listening ear, Lorraine Kelly. Appearing on Kelly's ITV talk show this morning, Olly discussed playing Wembley, and the upcoming Years and Years tour in the US, where they will support Ellie Goulding. He also discussed the video for 'Desire' which Lorraine described as "naughty... but I rather liked it." "I wanted to give a platform to some sexualities and gender identities that don't usually get shown," Olly explained, adding, "I'm gay, and this is my world, and my family, and I want to be able to make a video about it." Lorraine, who received Attitude's Honourary Gay Award in 2015, also praised Olly for speaking so candidly about his past struggles with mental health, which he said he feels better for talking about. "When I say the words and talk about something, it takes away some of the control that something like mental health has over you, it becomes more manageable," he explained. However, Lorraine did comment that he appeared to be in very good spirits every time she saw him, to which he laughed, "I love this show, I'm just so happy to be here!" More stories: