Olly Alexander feels sorry for straight people

The Years & Years frontman believes the LGBT community are more understanding


Olly Alexander feels “sorry for straight people” because they just sleep with the opposite sex.

The Years & Years frontman – who is getting ready to release the highly anticipated new album – has called for straight people to put some “marijuana lube on your crystal butt plug and march on down the parade.”

Speaking to Out, he said: “I feel sorry for straight people.

“What’s great about being gay is that you can celebrate all types of sexualities, because we understand that being queer means you might also be gender nonconforming or bi or whatever.

“For straight people it’s just, ‘I sleep with the opposite sex’. Maybe just give it a go… Put some fucking marijuana lube on your crystal butt plug and march on down the parade.”

Recently Olly said he feels the entertainment industry has changed when it comes to the artists coming out as it isn’t a “sensationalised headline” any more.

He told the BBC: “The landscape has changed dramatically for queer artists.

“In the past, we’ve all been familiar with pop stars coming out in the middle of their careers, or after they’ve become huge and feels like a heavy narrative to queer people.

“Now it seems to be really changing; artists can be out from the start of their career, and it’s not some sort of sensationalised headline.

“Of course, there are people who still really struggle with being out, and I know some artists think it might damage their career – but I don’t think the tabloids making a splash about sexuality would still happen.

“I think – I think – we can call that progress.”