Nick Jonas's Kingdom co-star reveals what it's like seeing him naked

Jonathan Tucker, who stars on the American drama television series Kingdom alongside Nick Jonas, has answered a question that is never far from the front of our mind. Namely, what's it like to see the 23-year-old singer, actor, and LGBT ally/baiter (delete as applicable) naked? As co-stars, it comes as no surprise that Tucker has seen Jonas in the buff, and when interviewed by Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss for their podcast 'Allegedly', to be released later this week, the actor is questioned about the time he tried to talk Jonas out of a towel as they hung out in the shower for the star's new documentary series. Asked to describe what Nick Jonas looks naked, Tucker replies: "Oh dude, he’s everything that one could dream of and so much more. "He’s built out of Carrara marble in the same aesthetic that one would find in ancient Greece." We can only imagine. And we will. (And if that isn't enough, you can check out our picture special of Nick's hottest ever moments here). More stories: Who wants to see Jack Laugher squeeze his gold medal-winning buns? Robbie Rogers subjected to homophobic abuse from other players during match